Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Burgers by @LuvYummylicious

So, I'm aware it's been literally ages since any of us posted anything.
We've all just been busy growing up and becoming proper adults who have to work and make a living and take care of our husbands and recently, our babies too. Hehe.

But here's something truly worth raving about that has dragged me back to the keyboard just to scream about it so you lot would know: Burgers by @LuvYummylicious!

They have a wide selection of choices and are always expanding their menu, but here's what I've tried so far:

The Juicy Lucy (RM 15) -

Befitting its name, this baby's made up of a fluffy burger bun, a load of fresh salad and tomatoes, and a seriously juicy beef patty that's been stuffed with cheese!


Juicy cheesy centre

Hubs and I found this one thoroughly enjoyable and worth every penny, especially with that fat, cheesy patty.

Thumbs up from the big man

The Vader Burger (RM 15) -

With an excessively large breadcrumb chicken patty--and yes, it's all chicken with none of those processed stuff--this burger is big enough to satisfy huge appetites (God knows, I couldn't have finished it on my own).
Succulent chicken meat, crispy breadcrumb crust, heaps of greens, a fluffy charcoal burger bun, and their special sauce (wth is in that sauce?!) makes this one a must try.

It's so big you have to learn a new eating trick - cradle it.

Unfortunately, I lost the original photos of the next three dishes so just bear with the tacky picstitch version, please. I'll put up the real photos once I've found them :D

From the top : Royal Swiss Mushroom Oblong Burger, The Yoda Burger, and Coney Dog with Cheeze

Royal Swiss Mushroom Oblong (RM 27) -

I know. You're looking at that price and thinking, "Really? For a burger?" But I can assure you that this is another not-so-normal-sized burger. For one, the panini bread makes up for it. Second, that heaping mountain of really tasty, I-don't-quite-know-how-they-cooked-it, mushroom gives it a sure punch. And third, there's a hell of a lot of meat (beef AND lamb!) right smack in the middle of that burger. And if you'd willingly pay RM 27 at TGI Friday's, why not here?

The Yoda Burger (RM 15) -

I must admit I was skeptical of this one for two reasons:
1. It's green.
2. I've had bad experiences with prawn burgers.

I'm happy to admit though, I was fairly surprised to find that I liked it (And I loathed myself that night for ordering it for the husband instead of myself)

What's special about it? Imagine biting into your burger patty, expecting blended up shrimps and instead finding actual tiger prawns! And that sauce! Seriously, I'm wondering if they put drugs in their special sauces.

Coney Dog with Cheeze (RM 7) -

One word: YUM!
So, so good! 

And finally, this one's not a burger but it's the one thing I've ordered so many of, it's a wonder my blood sugar level hasn't risen.

Pecan White Chocolate Chip Cookies (RM 18) -

The first piece I popped into my mouth, a full jar in the background.

Two days later, all gone :(

Let's just put it this way, over the span of two weeks, my family and I ordered a total of 12 jars, and eaxh jar opened was finished within two days.
Do I really need to say more?

All in all, so far, they have yet to disappoint me.
Food tastes WONDERFUL and I can't praise the customer service enough.

Interested in trying them out?
Find them on twitter or Facebook
Click away and have them deliver to YOUR DOORSTEP.


YummyLicious said...

Salam Izzati,

Thank you for this awesome write up! We are so humbled by your compliments. The secret is simple, freshly cooked food with fresh and good ingredients. Look forward to your next order for our Pecan White Choc Chip Cookies :) Hehehe

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